A great travel translation begins with a single step.

And this step leads you to Polly Translation, your German translator for Travel and Tourism

I provide expert translations of your travel and tourism texts from English and French into German. Whether you need a German translation of your brochures, catalogs, menus, travel guides or website texts for your hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction, travel agency, local or national tourist information office, transport service, sports and leisure facility and more – a translation by Polly Translation is your best route from (language) A to (language) B.

In my many years as a travel and tourism translator, I have worked on projects such as:

  • Translating website texts for business and luxury hotels all over the world
  • Translating online destination guides
  • Translating brochures for language-learning vacations
  • German copywriting for Google Maps
  • Translating website texts for ski resorts

Sonja is a trusted and professional linguist who always delivers high standard translation and localisation jobs keeping an attentive eye to all details. She has great team spirit and is a pleasure to work with.

In addition to translating all types of general travel and tourism texts into German, I am especially interested and specializing in sustainable/green tourism. This includes bicycle tours and vacations, hiking vacations, vacations using public transportation (ideally without flying), as well as hotels and travel destinations with an eco-label or other green-tourism or sustainability certifications.

Please contact me with the details of your translation request and a sample text, and I will promptly send you a non-binding quotation. I look forward to hearing from you!

What clients and colleagues say about Polly Translation:

We first contacted Sonja with a pedagogical translation project in October 2020. Since then, she has been one of our trusted contacts for the EN > DE combination. Fast and impeccable work.

Carmen Barra García
Learnship Networks GmbH

I look forward to hearing from you!